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  Below are some of the most requested clinics.
(Please check out ~L.E.A.D. ~ T.E.E.N.  ~
H.E.A.L.  and T.E.A.M. ~ our four specialty workshops)

~Clinics are tailored to specifically fit your individual needs!~

Equine ExperientialSM offers programs for individuals, couples, teens, families, children with disabilities, women, groups, teams, schools, medical professionals, colleges, businesses & corporate retreats.
Horse Shoes Animated Walking

“HITCHED”For couples

Horses harbor an innate ability to bring forth previously unrecognized and underlying emotions that may be keeping a couple stuck in their problems.  Facilitated equine experiential learning (FEEL) uses the power of horses to provide clients with the tools and skills to make better decisions in their lives that can lead to more intimacy.  Participants’ reactions to the horses and the horses’ reaction to the participants can help to visually demonstrate problems in relationships and communication barriers.

There are many opportunities in the world to get off track and make choices that lead to negative consequences. FEEL offers an exciting and engaging environment that creates opportunities for personal growth and learning. Our professional staff and horse coaching partners at Equine Experiential℠ lead couples through focused activities and discussions designed to heighten awareness of their personal responsibility in their lives and learn the effects their choices have on themselves, their family and others around them.

Our activities are designed to strengthen bonds and enhance communication skills. Each activity will help couples understand their partner better. Couples learn to work in sync together to overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives using the horses as our teachers. Communication skills & partner roles are taught while discovering the internal/external blocks that are hindering your relationship. Participants take away experiences that stay with them for a lifetime and help them build life-skills to be successful in:

• Life Choices
• Responsibilities
• Self-perception
• Communication building
• Decision-making
• Relationships & bonding
Hitched Workshop Couple

“LEAD MARE” – For women  

This workshop is for women who are searching for a greater sense of purpose and passion, wish to become more powerful and self-directed, want to evolve spiritually, desire a deeper connection to self, others and nature, and wish to discover unique keys to wisdom and personal fulfillment.  If you want more inner peace, inspiration or joy in your life, then you are ready to learn how to take your life to the higher level that our lead mare program can provide for you.  In addition, you will also find that with sustained and aligned focus, you create new default patterns for ongoing inner balance and well-being no matter what is going on around you.

Horses offer an unbelievable opportunity to learn a deeper way of being in the world that allows your passion and creativity to permeate your life and joy to expand your heart. They help you find that sacred part of you that has always known what you need and what potential awaits you.  Our lead mare program can provide a non-judgmental mirror of the gifts, challenges and areas where you are ready to grow and learn.  With the help of our horses, we can teach you how to become more emotionally, physically and mentally aware and help you live an authentic life by teaching the art of being that is strengthened and guided by your heart's calling.

Silhouette of Snowfire at Sunset

“HURDLES” – For individuals

Horses have the ability to react to and mirror what the human’s body language is telling them. Horses are honest and live entirely in the present, which makes them powerful messengers. By partnering with horses, participants learn about their strengths and conquer challenges.  There are so many times in our lives when barriers and obstacles are put in our way and can hinder us reaching our goals. Successful people figure out how to negotiate these obstacles. They do not get discouraged but rather keep going as there is simply nothing that is going to stop them from getting what they want.

Hurdles workshops are one-on-one sessions with the herd members that choose to join us. Being with horses can create a clearing of your mind and alive feeling in your body. Horses help bring clarity, insight and purposefulness about yourself and your life. Equine Experiential℠ can help get you through the inevitable barriers that will show up in your life or business.  No horse experience necessary. Also perfect for those who miss horses in their life, or who are intimidated and want to feel comfortable and safe. Even if you are a horse person, a deeper sense of connection and trust can be found after experiencing our program.

Life's Little Hurdles

“HORSE WHISPERING” – Communication skills

This intuitive language (or horse whispering), is a skill that can be learned by just about anyone, regardless of physical ability, through experiencing our hands-on exercises in non-verbal communication. With very little “talking”, horses provide a tremendous amount of feedback to those with whom they come in contact.  As one becomes more aware of how their non-verbal communication affects the horse, they also grow more aware of the role that their non-verbal cues play with the people in their lives. Participants learn how others perceive them, and how by changing their own responses they may change the world around them. Non-verbal behavior can alter your ability to negotiate things in life from business deals to personal relationships.

Using horses helps us to explore human kinetics and one begins to understand how our body's are affected by emotional, physical and environmental factors, with the aim of enhancing the positive aspects to benefit health and well-being. There is no endeavor that will more quickly and effectively teach you awareness of your own body language and energy level than learning the principles of working with horses.  Facilitated equine experiential learning has been proven to be very effective in building confidence, improving communication and giving personal insights to participants involved.


“HAPPY TRAILS” – Stress management

Horses love to play and have fun. Since they are large and powerful, engaging in play with horses creates a natural opportunity for developing self-confidence, overcoming difficulties, and dealing with challenging life situations.  No one can avoid stress but everyone can learn to manage it.  Happy Trails helps you understand the core causes of stress and shows how stress affects a person physiologically and emotionally.  Participates also experience how stress affects group dynamics and strives to help the clients apply short and long-term changes to find balanced, more fulfilling and manageable lives.

Learn effective ways to reduce and eliminate stress in your life. Living with high levels of stress can shorten your life and create many health problems including insomnia, broken relationships, heart and adrenal issues and more. Discovering individual solutions that work for you with the help of the horses is the focus of this workshop. You will leave with a new outlook on your life with new tools to immediately reduce your stress levels.

Happy Horse

“BUCKING BRONCOS” – Anger management

Anger can be a completely normal, healthy, human emotion, but when it gets out of control and turns destructive, it can lead to problems at work, in your personal relationships, and in the overall quality of your life. It can make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful emotion.

Horses live in the moment. They do not hold grudges, but they let others know when they are feeling challenged. They never use more force than is needed to get their point across.  Our Bucking Broncos workshop helps individuals learn how to express their emotions in a more positive way.  Our program teaches the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior and provides participants with immediate feedback by observing the horse's reactions to the difference in energy of the two behaviors.

"HORSE PSYCHOLOGY 101" - Learn to train horses

Hands-on practice from an equine specialist to learn how to establish mutual trust with horses, teach horses respect and confidence, and solve problematic behaviors.  Before we can ever hope to understand, let alone control and communicate with a horse, it is important to know the basic psychology that motivates a horse’s behavior in the first place.

It is important for you as the horse's trainer and teacher, to understand how the horse learns and the various categories of their instinctive behaviors. This will allow you to present ideas to the horse in a way that makes it easy for the horse to understand. It will also allow you to problem solve, and come up with your own solutions should the need arise.  This workshops helps clients learn to control a horse’s space and communicate with body language, gestures and even audibles, to develop a strong bond and trust between leader and follower through consistent communication and discipline.

Stress Management Happy Horses


Pricing for above clinics:
Private: $95.00 per session
Semi-Private: (2 people) $85.00 per person
Group/family: (3 or more) $75.00 per person

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School field trips

With the constant school budget cuts, our students are continually limited in the amount of experiential education they are receiving in the classroom.  Equine experiential education is a perfect choice for school field trip excursions or home-school courses.  Our school programs all integrate curricula objectives for "bullying" and we have Florida Sunshine State aligned "Leadership Skills" and "Exploratory & Experiential Education" courses.  Students remember the experiential lessons learned for a lifetime! 

Equine experiential learning is also perfect for E.S.E. classrooms since it incorporates tactile, kinesthetic learning! These clinics are facilitated by a Florida state certified psychology instructor with nearly 20 years of classroom experience with at-risk students. We also have the ability to "come to you" if your school set-up has enclosed fencing with a small, safe learning area.

(Call 352-399-8833 or email us for more information and pricing.)

We work with you to ensure our kids are able to benefit from this experience. 
Children are always a priority!

Happy students after a successful "hurdles" session!

(Team Equine Assisted Mentoring) - Team-building

Horses, like humans, are social creatures. They have defined roles within their herd. They have distinct personalities, attitudes, and moods. Groups learn that an approach that works with one horse does not necessarily mean that it will work with another, and this is true for individuals and clients as well. We promise no stuffy meeting rooms or boring lectures! Participants learn by taking part in activities with the horses for a very special and unique experiential learning opportunity.

(Click here for more TEAM information and pricing) 

TEAM workshop Strategy activity

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“LEAD" (Leadership Equine Assisted Development) – Leadership training

The LEAD coaching process shows you how to make your personality work for rather than against you in order to "stand out from the herd"™. In this training, we recommend participants take a personality assessment based on Carl Jung's theory of psychological types and the personality research of Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs prior to the workshop.  Our unique experiential approach to the Myers-Briggs personality-type indicator uses the personal insights gained from this classic indicator coupled with eye-opening and engaging equine activities to yield powerful new understandings at the leadership level.

Observing the herd and interacting with horses creates an opportunity to learn about human leadership in a visceral powerful and new way. Horses are finely attuned to one another and their environment. The leaders of the herd assume responsibility for the well-being of all, adapting to ever-changing conditions.

Explore energy, boundaries, thresholds, and intention along with their effect on communication and power in both personal and professional relationships. Awareness in these areas is the foundation upon which your own natural leadership capacity grows. Horses can bring out the best in us ~ that which is real and authentic.

(Click here for more LEAD information and pricing)

LEAD workshop Communication & Directions Activity

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“HEAL" (Healthcare Equine Assisted Learning) – Healthcare provider training

The aim of HEAL is to help healthcare students and professionals develop awareness of the subtleties of self-presentation and communication that are necessary for the provider-patient relationship and other professional interactions. These relationships are based on interpersonal skills as much as on the factual clinical information that we bring to the therapeutic transaction. Because the health sciences often emphasize intellectual proficiency over other forms of intelligence, many professionals have not developed the emotional intelligence, perception, and communication skills required for clinical excellence.

(Click here for more HEAL information and pricing)

HEAL participant Exams horse

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“TEEN" (Teen Equine Experiential kNowledge) – Young adult coaching

TEEN is for ages 12-17. Individual participants will learn how to care for horses while spending time one on one with a professional equine coach & certified educational instructor. This experiential program offers teens an opportunity to learn life-skills through "ah ha" moments when personal and group discoveries are made, learning happens and lives change.

Participants begin to:

• Learn responsibility for their decisions
• Recognize the impact of their choices
• Learn from others
• Recognize unhealthy patterns of behavior
• Learn problem solving
• Become more self aware
• Learn to be a leader instead of a follower

(Click here for more TEEN information and pricing)

All activities are done on the ground and no horse experience is necessary.
Dress for the weather in this beautiful Florida outdoor experience.

Please contact us today to schedule your session!
We are willing to work with ANY budget & special agenda you have!

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