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L.E.A.D. - Leadership Equine Assisted Development

~L.E.A.D. - Leadership Equine Assisted Development~

Equine ExperientialSM offers workshops tailored to specifically fit your individual needs! 

Please check out our "Programs" page to see other clinics offered and
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 and H.E.A.L.  for our other specialty workshops.

Horse Shoes Animated Walking

~L.E.A.D. - Leadership Equine Assisted Development~


A leader is most effective when his or her strongest personal traits are engaged. Leadership Equine Assisted Development (LEAD), helps individuals understand how to develop themselves as leaders, discover the best ways of working with others, and manage conflicts. Organizational change, professional development, and personal growth all start at the same point – with each individual.  Understanding one's own personality and attitude are key factors to successful leadership because to effectively lead others, you must first understand yourself.

LEAD shows you how personality and attitude affect leadership style and behavior so you can leverage this knowledge to become a more effective leader. It is important to understand your natural leadership style so you can capitalize on your natural leadership strengths (or be aware of, and address your natural weaknesses) for your career development, self-fulfillment and success at the workplace. You will learn how to become a more self-aware individual, and to better understand and work with those in your environment so you can get the results you desire and "stand out from the herd"™!  

Typical outcomes through a LEAD workshop:

• Expand non-verbal awareness
• Redefine power and personal leadership skills
• Increase teamwork
• Learn to identify and set healthy boundaries
• Confront insecurities
• Learn to communicate effectively
• Acquire skills to build trust and respect
• Experience consensual leadership
• Discover personal strengths

• Develop confidence
• Reduce and learn to better cope with stress
• Recognize personality traits
• Identify barriers to effective communication
• Problem solve and create action plans
• Identify personal & organizational challenges
• Learn to overcome personal constraints
• Discover untapped leadership qualities
• Enhance problem-solving skills and creativity

Like people, horses come with their own personality, behaviors and attitudes. Because they are prey animals, their acute awareness of everything in their environment allows the humans interacting with them the ability to learn how they affect others. Interacting with horses provides the opportunity to gain fresh, honest awareness of our truth. They give us the chance to learn what is profoundly difficult to learn from our human relationships because unlike most people, horses have no agenda and they don’t care about our power, position, title, degree, or salary.

Corporate Leadership Workshop

Learning to develop respect, trust, and how to communicate with these magnificent natural leaders simulates real-life situations with people and provides valuable information on your leadership style and how others perceive you. With our LEAD program, the horses provide participants a real-life mirror of thoughts, emotions, and physical behaviors that may not be in consciousness.  LEAD programs have been recognized by Inside Business Magazine January/February 2011 with the CEO of VoicePro. Click here to read the Article.  Corporate clients, including Pfizer, Visa and Cisco, have also been interested in equine leadership development classes. Click here to read the Wall Street Journal article: Leadership, Teamwork and…Hay?

Equine ExperientialSM provides customized professional development solutions that deliver creative, adaptive advantages for our clients.  Our LEAD workshops were developed in collaboration with the Senior Vice-President of Citi's Global Mergers and Acquisitions Department to ensure our approach aligns and optimizes leadership, strategy, and organizational culture, igniting breakthrough performance. Equine Experiential's℠ custom programs guide clients through an evolutionary process designed to cultivate authentic, transformational leadership, strategically leverage human creativity, and create a cohesive culture that resonates with associates, customers, family and community. Our comprehensive methods integrate the competencies of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with the constructs of experiential psychology, cognitive behavioral strategies, motivational theory and natural horsemanship.

Another unique aspect of Equine ExperientialSM is that we offer both main types of assessments: Personality and Attitudinal. Personality based assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that we incorporate, are very valuable tools that identify certain personality types so that people can have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. By understanding your personality and how it relates to what you do, you can adapt your behavior to "work with what you have," and function more effectively.  Our Energy Leadership Index Assessment is an attitudinal assessment that enables leaders to hold up mirrors to their perceptions, beliefs, behaviors, and overall leadership capabilities. Both assessments will help take leadership to new levels.

LEAD participant

Participants in the LEAD sessions may take either the online personality assessment and/or the attitudinal assessment prior to the workshop (fees differ). The ultimate benefit to an individual completing an assessment is that he or she learns how to develop and realize their leadership potential in an effective and rapid way. You will learn how to go from reacting to others, to inspiring and motivating yourself and those around you. Success in all areas of your life becomes reality as you learn how to truly lead based on YOUR attitude & personality!

LEAD packages available: Contact us for additional package prices based on your specific needs and to learn more about how our program can benefit your corporation, organization, business, group, church, family and the leaders within.

  • One-on-One Personal Development: $395 ~ includes personality assessment and three 45-minute weekly LEAD sessions, as well as one month unlimited check-ins by email.

  • Executive Development: $995 ~ includes personality assessments for up to 5 people and three 60-90 minute weekly LEAD sessions, and one 45-minute "team-type table" debriefing which combines the personality-type results of your group.

  • Organizational Development: $175 per person ~ includes personality assessments, one 60 minute LEAD session, and one 45-minute "team-type table" debriefing which combines the personality-type results of your group. The "cumulative team-type" greatly impacts the work culture. During this discussion, we address any areas for which your group may need to compensate as well as natural strengths, while your organizational members share insights about your team’s future development.

  • Administrative Leadership Development: Half day, Full day, and Two or Three-Day Retreats (staying in local hotels) ~ Optional choice of personality or attitudinal assessment and debriefing.  Pricing will vary based on time, number of participants & organizational goals, but will be similar to the T.E.A.M. pricing. Please remember, we are able to work around your budget! ~ Call or email with your details and specific needs.

Click here to see a sample of our LEAD program benefits, objectives, and sample agenda.

We are able to work within your budget and around your particular needs as we have many options available.

All activities are done on the ground and no horse experience is necessary.
Dress for the weather in this beautiful Florida outdoor experience.

Wagon at the SBM ranch

Please contact us today to schedule your session!
We are willing and able to work with ANY agenda you have!

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