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Why Horses?

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For centuries the horse and rider have been able to create a powerful team that communicates non-verbally, sensually, almost invisibly. The dynamic of thinking, breathing, and reactionary animals heightens situations, creating constantly changing and evolving experiences. At Equine ExperientialSM, we recognize that the horse also acts as a mirror of human emotions, reflecting the feelings of the individual.  Participants in the Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) programs also experience this reflection.

  • Horses don't lie and can't over think your real emotions, so they recognize incongruence between behavior and emotion, telling the true story.

  • Their sensitivity to non-verbal stimulus gives them an amazing ability to read people and reflect these emotional states so they immediately offer unconditional, observable, physical feedback to the emotions and moods of the humans around them.

  • As social animals, they provide valuable insight into group dynamics and roles.

Including horses as part of learning activities is an especially powerful method of involving people in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, communication, relationship building, and self-authenticity. The horses are powerful "coaches" because they also reflect how you are perceived by others. They really are an honest mirror for you to see your old pattern behaviors while you safely find new growth, inner peace, fulfillment and life purpose. What you learn from the horses with the help of our professional facilitators can be applied to all areas of your life immediately.  Understanding and learning how to react to life’s situations and changes is the first step in changing your world into a place of joy, love and peace.

Two Loving Horses

In this unique learning environment, experiential activities with horses are designed to help clients learn about themselves and develop skills relevant to the life they say they are committed to creating. With horses acting as an "assistant coach", clients are able discover truths about themselves and their relationships. Once awareness and consciousness levels are raised and a healthy self-image is developed, clients become more energized to take the desired steps towards new practices that will help them achieve personal or professional goals.

Individual coaching with the help of horses will create a shift from simply functioning in the world to becoming more aware and highly conscious of how to reach your full potential. If you are tired of traveling the road others have set out for you and are ready to find happiness by igniting your passion and energy, this is the program that will help you. The leader within is waiting to come to the surface, to lead you on a path of self-fulfillment, peace and a life of abundance.

The horses will show you in a kind and non-judgmental way how you show up in the world. This gives you an amazing opportunity to make the changes that will better represent your true and authentic self. Your ‘ah ha’ moments of discovery will help you see the truth of your beliefs. Through our self-mastery coaching programs, you will transform yourself into the ideal image of who you want and need to be.

Coaching helps teens, families, couples, teams or business partners, build stronger communication and improve their relationships. Activities with the horses help participants raise their awareness by seeing their communication differences and how to better relate to each other. Once the strengths of two or more are combined and everyone is working towards the same goals, there is a harmony and balance that brings peace and love alive in all relationships.

Equine Assisted Learning Clients Leaving a Family Session
How Does Coaching With Experiential Learning Differ From Therapy?

We do not provide therapy at Equine ExperientialSM, instead our perspective and focus is an experiential learning environment facilitated by certified educational, coaching, and equine instructors. However, equine therapy has gained a devoted following of psychoanalysts who say it has the power to heal people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, phobias, anger issues and trauma. Coaching and therapy can be used separately or together to create a strong foundation for your life. Therapy helps you understand, heal and gain closure on troubling events, attitudes or behaviors in your past. Coaching looks at how your past impacts you now and moves you forward by using your strengths, gifts and inherent wisdom to guide you to a more balanced and fulfilling future.

Coaching can be defined as: "a professional client-centered relationship where the client is the primary focus. The coaching relationship is unique in that the client is perceived by both the coach and the client to be healthy, powerful and an achiever of his or her goals" (Cohen, 1995).



•Assumes the client needs healing

•Assumes the client is whole

•Roots in medicine, psychiatry

•Roots in sports, business, education & personal growth venues

•Works with people to achieve self-understanding and emotional healing

•Works to move people to a higher level of functioning

•Focuses on feelings and past events

•Focuses on actions and the future

•Explores the root of problems

•Focuses on solving problems

•Works to bring the unconscious into consciousness

•Works with the conscious mind

•Works for internal resolution of pain and to let go of old patterns

•Works for external solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills and implement effective choices

Professional Coaching evolved from corporate consulting approximately eight years ago. Currently, coaching is widespread in business and industry. In today's competitive global marketplace, corporations realize that their people are their most valuable asset. Corporations commonly use coaches to work with CEOs, project teams, management/employee relations, and to develop internal talent for promotion. The use of coaches in the workplace improves productivity, creativity, morale, and employee retention, and decreases turnover and the expenses involved with hiring and training new employees.

The Equine ExperientialSM coaching relationship helps clients not only manage, but thrive, in the face of change. Our professional coaches and experiential learning instructors will help you create and experience the life of your choosing with support, encouragement, guidance and insight.

Whether you book a private, couple, family, group, or professional development session, our experiential learning activities will be specifically designed for your individual situation. These activities will create metaphors that reflect your real life situation and help you discover the solutions you are seeking. Coaching with horses acknowledges the power of choice. You have the ability to change the story of your life and the horses will help you see the blocks that are stopping you from moving forward.

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All activities are done on the ground and no horse experience is necessary.
 Dress for the weather in this beautiful Florida outdoor experience.

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