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T.E.A.M. - Team Equine Assisted Mentoring

~T.E.A.M. - Team Equine Assisted Mentoring~

Equine ExperientialSM offers workshops tailored to specifically fit your individual needs! 

Please check out our "Programs" page to see other clinics offered and
~L.E.A.D. ~ T.E.E.N.
 and H.E.A.L.  for our other specialty workshops.

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~T.E.A.M. - Team Equine Assisted Mentoring~


Team Equine Assisted Mentoring (TEAM) is a positive approach to the enhancement of teamwork and group interaction. It promotes leadership skills, confidence, trust, communication, creativity and problem solving skills. To effectively work with others, you need to know how to lead and when to follow.

Horses are both leaders and followers depending on their herd hierarchy. In order to survive, their natural instincts allow them to determine almost instantly who is worthy of being called a leader and how to work together as a team. Learning what horses can teach us about teamwork is an interesting and often very fun approach to awaken our capacity for authentic empowerment. Self-empowered individuals make healthy behavior choices and practice mindful awareness of thoughts, feelings and emotions that promotes team work.

Our "TEAM" workshop can help you and your team:

• See effects of verbal & non-verbal communication
• Improve attention
• Identify & respect boundaries
• Recognize projection & transference
• Confront insecurities
• Learn to communicate effectively
• Acquire skills to build trust and respect

• Develop confidence
• Cope with stress
• Recognize personality traits
• View team effectiveness
• Problem solve and create action plans
• Develop relationship harmony
• Identify challenges

Two Horses Communicating


Participants learn by taking part in activities with the horses for an experiential learning opportunity. As each person participates and interacts with the horses, he or she learns new ways to cope with everyday problems and situations that occur in life. As a group, each participant learns how to better communicate their needs to each other in order to achieve success as a team. It is a powerful training technique because horses respond to the energy that is being projected and ‘mirror’ it back to the participant which provides immediate feedback creating invaluable opportunities for learning experiences.  This immediate feedback to your emotions and behaviors is something horses provide that no river or ropes course can.

Using teamwork basics combined with experiential and kinesthetic learning, one begins the process of 'embodying' leadership and team synchronicity. Learning happens in both the mind and body. The results? Those intangible qualities of leadership and teamwork that are difficult to describe much less learn in a traditional or virtual classroom!

The essential steps of assessment and guided introspection, exploration and strategy enable you to develop leadership and teamwork that will transfer easily into your life and business because it is part of you, not something you learn on the outside and apply. A team that works together with positive energy in all their relationships has unlimited potential for growth and creativity within your organization!

~Studies suggest employee engagement has reached a crisis low. Surveys performed last year have found that 84% of employees polled say they plan to look for new jobs in the coming year. Among these dissatisfied and disengaged employees, there is a great deal of stress and limited productivity. Lack of employee engagement continues to be a central factor in the performance and the success of organizations. Current methods of increasing engagement have either not been effective or have only been marginally so.~


Three Horse Team

Also available is the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator, and the Energy Leadership Index Assessment attitudinal assessment.  Both help individuals understand how they perceive and approach work and life and react to different circumstances and experiences. (discussed further on the LEAD page) A team that works and collaborates effectively is not a random event. Identifying the personality and energy of team members is a key to understanding how they function best in a group setting. These assessments are highly recommended for those who desire to improve one-on-one interactions and team success. You will learn how to become a more self-aware individual, and to better understand and work with those in your environment.
The ultimate benefit to individuals completing the assessment is learning effective ways of working together as a team, toward a common goal. (Added fee for assessment)

Bring your team to the country and share in this unique team bonding experience that’s educational & fun!

When you schedule a "TEAM" session with Equine ExperientialSM, all activities are designed for your group’s needs. We will meet you in person or by phone to gain information to develop a customized plan to achieve your desired results.

  • Full Day Team-Building Sessions ~ includes lunch
    (Six Hour Session: $1,295 group rate ~ 8-12 participants)

  • Half Day Team-Building Sessions
    (Three Hour Session: $750 group rate ~ 6-10 participants)

  • Two Hour Sessions for Executives, Managers, & Professionals
    ($145.00.per person ~ 3-5 participants)

    We are able to work with larger groups for a $50 hourly up-charge for each additional 10 participants.  Contact us for additional package prices and to learn more about how our program can benefit your company, group, church or family and the leaders within.

We are able to work within your budget and customize to your needs. We have many options available.
(Call 352-399-8833 or email us for more information and pricing questions)

All activities are done on the ground and no horse experience is necessary.
 Dress for the weather in this beautiful Florida outdoor experience.
Discover the Wisdom Of the Herd

Please contact us today to schedule your session!
We are willing and able to work with ANY agenda you have!

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