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 ~Horses Are Not Our Whole Lives, But They Make Our Lives Whole~

Shoni Jaycox

Executive Director & Equine Specialist for Equine ExperientialSM

Coach Snowfire & Shoni

Shoni graduated with high honors from the University of Florida earning her degree in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Shoni is licensed in the state of Florida as a Certified Psychology Instructor and is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the Association for Experiential Education (AEE).  She has many years experience with online education, training, and development. Her expertise in developing state-aligned and College Board course curriculum includes an Advanced Placement Psychology course for Florida Virtual Global School.

Shoni's client relationship management expertise and business experience includes serving as a public relations manager for a membership campground corporation, and a finance director for a large pallet company. Shoni has been an educational instructor for over 17 years and is the Executive Director of Equine Experiential℠ where she uses principles of experiential psychology, cognitive behavioral strategies, motivational theory and natural horsemanship to support adolescents, adults, couples, families, teams and organizations.  

Shoni is also a member of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and has completed EAGALA's level 1 certification program as an Equine Specialist.  When Shoni purchased her first horse, she quickly learned how proficient horses were at mirroring energy and intentions and how easily they provided tremendous opportunities for metaphorical learning.  Shoni immediately became a student of Natural Horsemanship and studied with many outstanding clinicians including workshops at Pat and Linda Parelli’s ranch in Ocala, Florida. Natural Horsemanship and Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning are the perfect complement to one another and help to develop communication, trust and respect in both humans and horses. 

Shoni has inspired trust and confidence in hundreds of students with her unique ability to make others comfortable accessing and communicating authentic feelings, thereby enabling each student to realize their individual potential. After realizing that observing horse behavior and discovering what horses are telling us about ourselves can be a life-changing experience, Shoni’s teaching & business expertise is now focused on the success of Equine Experiential's℠ attempt to link authentic self-discovery with paths to action for positive life changes by encouraging independent thinking and problem-solving through experiential learning activities.

Shoni's commitment to promoting personal and professional growth led them to develop Equine Experiential's℠ four specialty programs: TEAM, HEAL, TEEN and LEAD. These programs were developed to assess, assist and grow self-esteem, team building, leadership skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, and problem solving abilities by providing the knowledge, aspiration, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary to effectively perform and succeed.


Trish Carlo (*Back in Canada)
President & Equine Specialist for Equine ExperientialSM

Trish Carlo

Trish is a Certified Professional Coach, with expertise in Personal Empowerment, Health & Wellness, and Family coaching. Trish is also certified in Equine Assisted Learning as an Equine Specialist from the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA), and is certified in Equine Assisted Personal Development from Chris Irwin, Natural Horsemanship.    

Trish received her training to become a certified coach at iPEC Coaching, the leading school for coach training. Trish is also certified in the Energy Leadership Development System coaching and is a member of the governing association for coaches, the International Coaching Federation.  Trish’s business experience includes General Manager for a manufacturing company in Ontario, creating and running a Fashion Consulting business, and the organization and running of her Thoroughbred operations.  Her business expertise is now focused on Equine Experiential℠ as the President and CEO.

Trish started riding when she was 12 years old and has spent the last 40 years working in various parts of the horse industry. She has a wide range of hands-on experience from teaching beginner riding lessons and holding horse shows to breeding and training Thoroughbred race horses and operating a 40-horse boarding stable. Trish rode hunters as a teenager and taught lessons to youth groups. She started breaking and galloping yearlings and now enjoys trail riding.

Trish is well aware of the fact that horses have greatly contributed to the person she has become and loves to teach others what she has learned from these insightful animals. Trish had a dream of giving back to others the joy of being with horses and other farm animals, especially to those who have never had a chance to spend time and learn from these magnificent animals.  She now utilizes the power of horses to bring about awareness and personal growth as an Equine Specialist and Life Coach at Equine Experiential℠.

*Update: Trish has moved back to Canada with her elderly parents.  She has continued her work with her own nonprofit organization.  You may find her at Story Book Meadows in Loretto, Ontario. Until a suitable replacement for her wealth of talent is found, only existing clients are being seen.


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Equine Experiential's Equine Coaches

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PatchRoseSashaSolo Snow Fire

~Click Here To Learn More About Each Equine Coach~

Equine ExperientialSM has a herd of remarkable horses to assist us. Only well-qualified, friendly horses are used for these activities. Or, if you'd prefer to work with your own horse, possible arrangements can be made for that as well (no problem horses). Give yourself an experiential learning vacation, by boarding overnight and riding in our arenas, the bridle trail, or on the beautiful Cross-Florida Greenway trails.

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All activities are done on the ground and no horse experience is necessary.
Dress for the weather in this beautiful Florida outdoor experience.

Please contact us today to schedule your session!
We are willing and able to work with ANY agenda you have!

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